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Measuring and Marking

Stretch Mark Treatment

Stretch Mark Treatment


Stretch marks have the potential for treatment through a comprehensive approach involving:

- scarLet RF
- Plasma pen
- GreenPeel
- Medical microdermabrasions
- Chemical peels

Stretch marks, akin to other surface-level scars, manifest as indentations and depressions on the skin's surface. A highly effective strategy to diminish these marks involves replenishing the scars with the body's natural water content, also known as collagen.

The revolutionary scarLet RF, a Fractional Radiofrequency device, employs specialized derma needles combined with radiofrequency energy to deeply penetrate the skin (at approximately 3mm depth). This process creates micro-channels within the skin, allowing the body's own collagen, stimulated by the radiofrequency, to migrate upward and settle within the stretch marks. This action imparts a smooth and seamless appearance and texture to the skin.

With each treatment, the skin's quality, texture, and uniformity witness improvement as a growing quantity of collagen is deposited within these indentations, leading to the gradual fading and eventual disappearance of the stretch marks over time.


- Abdomen
- Breasts
- Hips
- Buttocks
- Thighs


- No pain

- Minimal downtime

- Great safety profile

- Great results

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