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Express Cleanse Facial

Express Cleanse Facial


Ideal for those with normal skin or those new to skincare practices

The Express Cleanse Facial marks your initial stride towards achieving vibrant and impeccable skin – whether it's a quick halt on your way to work or a rejuvenating indulgence for the busy professional.

During this treatment, we'll engage your skin with a thorough cleansing and exfoliation, employing our preferred products enriched with potent components to invigorate your skin's vitality.


Subsequently, a calming aloe massage will replenish your skin's hydration, concluding with the application of a revitalizing sheet mask, a dose of LED blue light therapy, and an application of SPF50+ sunscreen to fortify your skin for the day ahead.


- Swift (ideal even during your lunch break!)
- Purifies and exfoliates the skin
- Restores skin hydration
- Calming

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