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Super Hydrating Facial

Super Hydrating Facial


Tailored exclusively for those contending with dry skin and the manifestations of aging, our Super Hydrating Facial stands as a specialized solution. This treatment is particularly beneficial for individuals grappling with hydration concerns or the emergence of fine lines and other indicators of aging.

Our approach involves a fusion of enriching chemical exfoliants, including lactic and mandelic acid, which gently cleanse the facial skin without depriving it of its innate protective oils. Employing a steamer to open pores, we subsequently apply a substantial layer of hyaluronic acid serum, followed by a soothing massage with a stone roller to delicately infuse hydration, nourishment, and tranquility into the skin.


Our process continues with a soothing rosehip oil massage to seal in moisture, followed by the application of an algae mask that enhances nourishment and facilitates complete absorption of the hydration within the skin. A concluding step involves a comforting sheet mask and the application of LED light therapy, which effectively closes pores, while our trusty SPF50+ safeguards your newly rejuvenated skin from the rigors of the harsh, drying sun.


- Enhances moisture retention (provides hydration!)
- Thoroughly purifies and exfoliates the skin
- Alleviates sensitivities
- Combats indicators of aging
- Induces relaxation

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