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Why You Should Start Your Laser Hair Removal in Winter

Laser Hair Removal offers a permanent and safe way of getting eliminating unwanted hair without damaging the skin. Unlike waxing and shaving, it’s rather more convenient, effective, long-lasting, and significantly reduces the danger of ingrown hairs.

While you’ll be able to start Laser Hair Removal at any time within the year, the foremost popular time to begin is within the cooler months. Why? Because you’ll experience the utmost leads to Summer. Let’s dive into the explanations why Laser Hair Removal is so popular within the Winter.

1. Limited sun exposure

During Winter, you usually experience less sun exposure which is good for Laser Hair Removal treatments. to confirm the optimum efficacy of the treatment and to avoid skin damage, you wish to avoid excessive sun exposure period of time before and after your Laser Hair Removal treatment. This makes Winter a more desirable time to begin your Laser Hair Removal plan.

2. Easier treatment preparation

You will have to take a chance at waxing, plucking, and depilatory creams before starting your Laser Hair Removal treatments. you furthermore may have to avoid fake tan as our medical-grade lasers can mistake tan trapped within the pore’s hair. For safety reasons, you want to ensure no fake tan residue is present on the skin at the time of your treatment. During Summer, people often intercommunicate fake tan for that summer glow. For this reason, it’s much easier to start out in Summer.

3. Staying indoors

After every session of Laser Hair Removal treatment, our experienced Therapists recommend that you just avoid excessive sweating, swimming, and wearing tight restrictive clothing. These are much easier to avoid in Winter.

During the cooler months, you’ll enjoy staying indoors in your comfortable clothes while allowing the Laser Hair Removal to figure its magic! It’s also easier to remain all covered up because the hair can take up to 2 weeks to fall out.

Overall, Winter allows you to possess Summer-ready skin. And when the hotter months arrive, you don’t have to worry about shaving and waxing because you’ll be hair-free!

At Laser Clinics Australia, we provide Laser Hair Removal treatments tailored for both men and girls. The treatment is specially designed for sensitive skin and for various skin types. Our experienced team uses market-leading technology; medical-grade Candela GentleLase Pro to effectively and permanently reduce hair growth without skin irritation and pain. These machine types allow us to treat all skin tones.

Take advantage of Winter and begin your Laser Hair Removal treatments with us. All our lasers feature a novel dynamic cooling device that helps to calm, soothe, and protect your skin making it safe for all parts of the body.