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Fitzpatrick Skin Types Blog

Fitzpatrick Skin Types: Which Are You?

The Fitzpatrick Scale could be a valuable resource for our experienced Therapists to see the effectiveness of medical-grade Laser Treatments on varying skin tones. Read on to seek out out your skin type.

What is your skin type?

Typically, you’d have heard of three skin types – oily, sensitive, and dry. But these aren’t the particular skin types. When our therapists assess your skin for Laser Treatment, they use a classification called the Fitzpatrick Scale of skin. The Fitzpatrick Scale was developed by an American Dermatologist named Thomas Fitzpatrick and maybe a universally chosen scale by Dermatologists to classify the skin sort of clients before performing any treatment. the dimensions classify skin into 6 types supported coloring and the way your skin responds to the sun. Determine your skin type with the graph below.


Fitzpatrick Skin Types: Which Are You?

What skin types are eligible for Laser Hair Removal?

All of them. Our Candela medical-grade Laser technology is used on all skin types and tones. Did you recognize that until recently, there weren’t many options for darker skin tones seeking laser treatments of any kind thanks to risks related to hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation? Thankfully there are significant advancements within the last decade, and that we have several options available to our clients.

The Candela GentleLASE Pro is meant to figure for clients with dark hair and lighter skin.

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